americathebeautiful Wrote:
Dec 12, 2012 8:06 AM
Senator DeMint shoes are very large shoes to fill and Governor Nikki Haley does not have any easy job there. But, I like Rep. Tim Scott very very much as well as Rep Trey Gowdy. One thing is for sure, whomever she chooses MUST be a very strong person who will defend and stand up for Conservative principles. Personally, I am completely "Fed UP" with the horrific scamming CON that obama is pulling over on the American people and all of that scamming CON is being done in the name of POWER and CONTROL of the masses. I just read a piece where the Catholic Bishops were "conned" big time by obama when it came to obamacare and now those same Bishops are wearing "egg" big time. They've learned their lesson the hard way.