EMTMatt Wrote:
Dec 11, 2012 6:41 PM
You got the first three words of that statement right. You don't think. What intellectual dishonesty, what scandalous zealotry, what pitiful partisanship. You justify and support violence as grassroots activism. Let me assure you that the American people are a sleeping giant. Liberals are only 25 percent of America whereas Conservatives are closer to 45 percent and the rest are Moderates. Do you really think that the Moderates will side with you when the fighting you and yours are pushing us ever closer too starts? They will sit back and you will be outnumbered alomst 2 to one and outgunned by a far greater margin. The US military is 66% conservative and you and yours demonize them. One day you will push too far and will pay the price.