peaceman Wrote:
Dec 11, 2012 4:35 PM
Wow!! Another sad pathetic attempt to play the 'math' game which the R's are so inept at doing. Lurita's rant on taxes is just the 'current party line' even though rates under Eisenhower (top at 91%), Reagan (top reduced to 50%) and Clinton (39%) the economy did quite well. Now, rates and policies represent the same conditions that led to the '29 Crash'; corps are sitting on over $2T in cash with no incentive to invest because with rates much less and tax laws changed to reward them for shipping jobs overseas and pour funds into the Cayman Islands, they could care less about the current economy because they're THRIVING!! The 1% are NOT the job creators; middle America is and why you and your 'friends' on this don't seem to grasp that is