Col Bat Guano Wrote:
Dec 11, 2012 1:03 PM
I'm telling you folks. Class warfare is coming to an urban centroid near you. You couple this commentary from Belafonte, Sharpton's, "Yeah, Amen Brother!" response, Stephanie Cuttericchio's campaign letter on the fiscal cliff, and 0bama sticking his nose and hole under it into Michigan's business about Right-to-Work, and it's clear the Left is trying agitate its intentionally poorly educated base into a frothing frenzy. None of their predicament is ever their fault is what they are being indoctrinated on. It's always someone else's fault and now it's time to make them pay. "Punish your enemies and reward your friends." -B. 0bama Arm up folks. This storm is going to be brutal - especially for those of you living near urban cores.