Gary 56 Wrote:
Dec 11, 2012 12:26 PM
The Repub Party has just 2 choices: remain the party of the plutocrats, by plutocrats and for plutocrats, or to become the party of conservatism. Some indications of what I am saying can be found in the writings of "Bill110" or "Paulus Textor" or "Andy 544", below. The election result of 2012 bears witness to the fact that millions like myself will not vote for another RINO. Shrillary is waiting in the wings. We need a clear conservative message to defeat her or it will become a long march across a hot, dry, desert towards 2024,... if the US as we know it even remains at that time. Wake up RINOs ! ALWAYS REMEMBER the TREACHERY DONE in WASHINGTON TOWARDS BENGHAZI !