Floyd35 Wrote:
Dec 11, 2012 8:36 AM
We need to make those mean old super rich pay their fair share of taxes. Here is how. We give the Obama administration everything they want, but they have to agree to admend the voters rights bill fwhich asttaches to this bi. Those mean old sper rich will have to pay as tax rate of 20% or higher if they want to vote. Everybody has to pay at least 20% or they don't get to vote until they get a job and earn enough to pay a twenty percent tax raet or higher. That will keep those mean old skin flints from paying 14 to 15 % on all those millions of dollars. It will keep everyone from voting who does not pay their fair share, or in some way contribute to supporting the country. That will make the Dememocrats happy and help abalance the budget!