Keihn Wrote:
Dec 11, 2012 7:05 AM
Mr. Buchanan: I have always read your newsletter(s) but for some reason you continue to espouse the old, fat, white man with a cigar in his mouth republican dogma. Why don't you 'smart' people admit that as long as we have a gov't that gives money to folks for not doing anything, the political tenor of this country will not change. You all talk about if we had only done this or that things might have been different. It'll be different when these career freeloaders lose their vote while on the gov't dole and not before. As far as the Goldwater era is concerned (I campaigned(sp) and voted for him in 64), his opponents primary agenda was NOT driving this country into the ground. So, the solution is simple: If you're on the gov't dole,