clarityseeker2 Wrote:
Dec 11, 2012 1:40 AM
PhDisconnectedRealities" scribbles: "Pleeease, liberals are second-rate hacks when it comes to projections. Yall have set an entirely new standard lately." Indeed, your level of "projection" is not at all a new standard, Just merely same old, same old. Like this bit of projection you flung across this board moments ago: "Total and complete idiots who don't understand either politics, or how the government functions, but still insist they are totally right, probably because they heard D|ck Morris say it on Fox." As stated, I do not receive cable, nor do I watch Fox, as you project. You watch it, demonize it, make allegations about others watching it. Pedestrian Projection. You perfected it; practice it liberally. You pathetic puke..