gpeterson Wrote:
Dec 10, 2012 10:42 PM
Let's see...Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines, the Southwest United States was a forced to sell under the gun deal. Texas revolted from Mexico, lead by American immigrants, because the Black President of Mexico, Vicente Guerrero, had freed most of the slaves. As the Texan rebels were mostly of American origin, they thought that joining the U.S., then a slave nation, was going to be a good fit for them. Their second revolt to defend slavery, however, failed, though they introduced a almost a hundred years of Jim Crow. (The Waco Horror horrified the civilized world.) Oh, Haiti. Decades after our 13th Amendment, U.S. occupiers tried to force the reintroduciton of slavery there...but...they met resistance. I wonder why? (I"m being sarcastic.)