oldervoter68 Wrote:
Dec 10, 2012 8:37 PM
$5.8T federal budget by end of decade?? That is twice gwb's last budget (and twice current revenue projections for 2013). In the mid 80s, Reagan was able to come together with Tip O'Neil on a SS program that gave longevity to the program. In the almost 30 years since then, nothing has been done, except the list of enrollees for payments increases with the baby boomers reaching retirement (and I'm one of them). The left says there's no problem as the "trust fund" is viable until mid 30s, but as SS cashes "trust fund" notes, money is taken from the general treasury to cover the payments, leaving less for discretionary spending. Where will the cuts come from? Our voices have to overpower the special interest (lobbyists) groups.