LtScrounge Wrote:
Dec 10, 2012 8:29 PM
When I was running a rent to own store in 1996, I had a 23 yr old unwed (of course) mother of three (by different baby daddies also of course) who's mother who had lived on welfare for over 25 years tell me that despite the government paying for her to get an associate's degree in office management, it simply wouldn't pay for her to get a job. She was getting more money and benefits in taxpayer funded freebies than she could earn working. I knew one couple who got a divorce solely so they could get public housing. He was a trucker making over $50k a year, but by getting a divorce, she got public housing (which includes utilities), food stamps and a welfare check. He would leave for work around 5 am Monday morning, and return after 5 pm on