LtScrounge Wrote:
Dec 10, 2012 8:17 PM
The "wealthy" already know how to avoid this tax increase, they just stop earning anything. They simply live off of their accrued wealth. Now those poor suckers who have busted their butts to get through medical or law school and are working 60-80+ hours a week to get ahead on the other hand are screwed. This isn't a tax on the "wealthy" it's a tax on those trying to become wealthy. If you REALLY want to hit the wealthy with a tax, put forth a 10% annual property tax on all assets over $10,000,000 including trust funds but excluding actual production and transportation facilities (privately owned farms, factories and trucking companies). When Buffet, Gates, Pelosi, Kerry, Rockefeller, Michael Mooreon and the liberal leftists in Hollywierd