Sarah181 Wrote:
Dec 09, 2012 9:20 PM
Right now, Republoicans would have a very hard time to compete against anyone. There is little to no political talent left in the GOP. What is there had to shift away from the center, in order to appease the right-wing 10-percenters, who have highjacked the party. The result was: Republicans lost the election, and only preserved to a paper-thin majority of 17 votes (out of 435) in the House. This was only because of redistricting - they lost the House by popular vote., too. Republicans lost their White House-bid by massive margins. They lost two seats in the Senate, at a time when they should have gained at least four. They lost 7 out of 11 gubernatorial races, on and several state assemblies. The do-nothing Boehner-House has the lowest