Steve539 Wrote:
Dec 09, 2012 4:35 PM
HikeTheDebt, your statement of what Republicans parrot is 180 degrees off because that is exactly what the libtards accuse the Republicans of, but it isn't true. Listen very carefully, I know it is hard for you folks, but try - The Republicans say that 47% of Americans pay no FEDERAL INCOME TAX. There is a difference between that and Payroll Tax, which by the way was reduced by 2% on the employee side. Wow, no Federal Income Tax and a 2% reduction on the employee side of the Payroll Tax, and we are still in the economic mess that we are experiencing. Perhaps what your socialist president should do is eliminate all taxes, all taxes, on the 47% of Americans we are discussing. It would garner the Dems. votes, to hell with the country.