Gary 56 Wrote:
Dec 09, 2012 11:01 AM
Thanks for the push, Steve, for us to considerable the unthinkable: Prez Shrillary. What you failed to mention in your analysis, Steve, is the graph which shows the inverse relationship between running RINO candidates and electing liberals. The more RINO-like the repub candidate, the more certain it is that any Demoncrat will win. Plutocrat repubs (the smartest people in the world) told us that McCain and then Romney were the only ones who could defeat Barhama, You see Steve, there is a path to the White House for Shrillary. No matter how BAD Shrillary is, conservatives clearly demonstrated in 2012 that they will not hold their noses any more and vote for say Gov. Christy etc. (With apologies to Ann Coulter) ALWAYS REMEMBER BENGHAZ