Milt37 Wrote:
Dec 08, 2012 4:28 PM
Too many trolls daily, so here's a primer (for 'serious' TH's who seem to be clueless: 1. If someone is posting off-topic, click on their screen name (in blue). You'll probably see they've pasted the same comment on many columns. 2. When you put your mouse cursor over a questionable poster's name, if it's in the range of 570,000 and above, it may be a troll. 3. Do not respond to these idiots. They won't respond to you. They're only here to clog up the works. 4. Don't be a brainless idiot like "Saepe_Expertus" and post really wasteful posts. I don't even like posting this one, but too many people are falling prey to this new wave of trolls. JUST FLAG THEM!