wildmann Wrote:
Dec 08, 2012 4:17 PM
Take your Liberal selves to Mexico! TRY to stay THERE and Work Illegally! They've Got Something for Ya and it ain't Pop-Corn!! We should Reciprocate in Kind. Drive 'em all OUT at Gunpoint. All you Geniuses----"ECON 101"--. the"Multiplier Effect". Every $1 put into the Economic system Generates $5 in business before it stops. Likewise-- Every $1 Taken Out Removes $5 from the Economy. If Thousands do it, there is The Accelerator Effect. Multiplying the Multiplier Effect. Now, take the 12 to 20 Million Illegals working HERE, [Living on Welfare, Food Stamps, Free Housing/Medical] SENDING Most of their Pay to MEXICO!! We are Carrying The ENTIRE Economy of Freaking MEXICO on Our Backs! No Wonder Mexico Wants Them HERE!!