ellykaye Wrote:
Dec 08, 2012 12:16 PM
to finish above post. They laughed at us poor stupid working people. They certainly had a much better lifestyle than we did. I could not get any other help but the housing assistance. I worked 40+ hours a week, paid for babysitters, had utilities, food and other expenses, just barely made ends meet. Today I am a 75 yr. old retiree who draws S.S., and a good retirement pension, on medicare, pay dearly for supplemental insurance, meds all the usual monthly expenses, drive a 10 yr old car, and get laughed out of the office if I even ask about any assistance. To make matters worse, I have to pay fed. and state income tax on 85% of my S.S. I don't begrudge helping those who are trying to help themselves but I hate to see the many abusers