ellykaye Wrote:
Dec 08, 2012 12:07 PM
The Welfare state hs been in existancefor years, we just are learning more about it thru our increases technology. I can remember even 48 years ago when I was a single (divorced) mother of 4 young ones, being "able" to qualify to live in the government subsidized housing, but having to pay 1/4 my income for rent, remember wages were not that much back then. There were people living in the same "project" that had 2-4 kids, drew walfare assistance, free housing, and recieved food each month. This food consisted of butter, cheese, canned meats, beans, and otheer staples. These foods were either given away, sold, or thrown in the garbage. These were the trickle down welfare families. They lived better, dressed better, drove newer cars, and