Mudslinger Wrote:
Dec 08, 2012 10:32 AM
John, Want to know why the left is fine with Ringo Starr having a net worth of $340 million, yet is disgusted by Mitt Romney, who is worth about $220 million? It's the cool factor. The left is obsessed with being hip. Along the same lines, they like to see themselves as the avatars of good taste. It's okay for Ringo to be filthy rich because he was focused on his drums and didn't spend long hours going over balance sheets and other boring business matters. A lot of people voted for Obama because he's black and, thus automatically hip. They liked his jauntly jog from Air Force One, his lilting, fake Black accent and the way he "got down" with the cool folks. Romney, the hopelessly square, successful white businessman didn't have a chance.