AmyDB Wrote:
Dec 08, 2012 12:06 AM
DHulme said.... Seig Heil? Really? The freaks of Nazi Germany were kweer like you, Amy. I daresay, some were sadomasochistic like yourself. What's your point? If the progressives and libertarians pursue the dilution of federalism and conservatism, it's our duty to out you. _____________ Nope honey child. The Nazis wanted purity of race, can't have that if you're homosexual. They might have been bi. *shrug* Don't know, don't care. It is however known that Nazis murdered homosexuals with abandon just as they did the Jews, the Rom, those with disabilities, & anyone who opposed them openly. BTW Hulme the Founders would be on my side because I'm a Constitutionalist not a rabid, fundamentalist with Westboro leanings like you Hulme