Marek3 Wrote:
Dec 07, 2012 7:27 PM
Brian, A. 80 Billion is "that's it" we have 1 Trillion per year deficits. B. it won't raise 80 Billion anyway, like always the mat never works like Dems think it will. To a Dem if you paying $20 on $100 at 20% then if we raise it to 30% you get $30... Nope, sorry in real life, you be lucky to get $22-23 on that, and usually you end up getting closer to $18-19. Of course after the reality hits, some yahoo comes out and finds an excuse why revenue wasn't so large. C. total war debt was 3T ( Liberal math, reality is less than that), our Deficit is 16T, do the math. Our defense spending is 18% of Budget, entitlement 60% which do you think is bigger share and therefore must be cut? D. War in Afghanistan is over.