Biggbear51 Wrote:
Dec 07, 2012 10:06 AM
A wise person once said (" REVAMP THE ENTIRETY OF THE GOVERNMENT EVERY FIFTY YEARS TO PREVENT COMPLETE AND UTTER GOVERNMENTAL CORRUPTION") that person has been gone from us for over 220 years and that statement is truer now than then. That is what we need to do. When and if we do, the new inductee's are to be held to the highest standard. They must follow the Constitution to the letter and if they do not they are either removed or if necessary, tried by military tribunal. Once the sentence comes down, what ever it is, is to be carried out with in 75 hours. Oh dad gum it wait, we already have that in the U.S Constitution. Oh dad blasted wait I forgot the threw it out. Round Robin, what a concept!!!! FIRE ALL THE GUTLESS BUMS !!