LOIS44 Wrote:
Dec 07, 2012 9:13 AM
Hey, it's only money, pieces of paper tossed back and forth, who the hell cares? Certainly NO ONE in Washington D.C. I've been sending them a chuck of my paycheck for the last 54 years, and some how got them into a 16 trillion dollar debt......... I blame us, the average citizen that keep sending them a slice of our pie, while they keep demanding a bigger piece each year. I blame us for NOT firing the jerk who allowed money to go to turtle tunnels, and treadmills for shrimp. Same for green energy. 535 million to a billion gone and we put the SAME people back in power & didn't fire one of them. SO, who gave them the OK to waste our dollars? We have not only allowed such waste, fraud, and abuse of our money, but cheered the b___ards on.