resan Wrote:
Dec 07, 2012 8:00 AM
I didn't vote for him. don't admire him. don't care for his class warfare politics, or the way he's lived his life. He's never had a real job, tried to make a payroll or hit a sales goal. Instead, he constantly makes excuses for other people, himself. He tells 1 lie after another, then grandstands on his “integrity.” BHO's nothing but a "Lying-Lowlife-pro-Deviant-Communist-Marxist-Socialist-Charlatan !" Even so, the anti-American Leftists-Libs-Dems, all of his supporters will call Obama one of the greatest Pres in US history. Much like JFK, this has something to do with his charisma, which I find revolting, but naive gullible anti-American PC liberals-Dems-moderates clearly admire !