rosecityken Wrote:
Dec 06, 2012 5:29 PM
the people who spent at least 1.2 TRILLION dollars more a year than we take in for the last 4 years with this year projected to no different, and have passed NO BUDGETS for the last 4 years SO YOU CANT SEE WHAT THEY ARE SPENDING YOUR TAXES ON...are calling the republicans "irresponsible" for asking them to cut spending. you see what the class warrior in cheif fails to mention is that the taxes obama reid and pelosi are pining for will pay no more than 2% of the the forecasted spending for the next 10 years. they will raise between 80-90 BILLION dollars but hold up...wasnt last months deficit reported to be 120 BILLION? the democrats are not serious about spending reform. they threw up obamas plan... a plan that dems didnt even vote for.