GhostOfCicero Wrote:
Dec 06, 2012 5:00 PM
PalestinianMurderingAssassin Pukes: "So says the notorious israel-firster and Bibi-BOY worshipper., Yep - that Bibi - the Butcher of Palestine." Yes. I'm an "Israel Firster" because I support our ally kicking the p!$$ out of the stone-aged mongrel jihadists who teach their kids that G*d supposedly wants them to strap themselves in the latest syemtex fashions to blow up Jewish civilians in shopping malls, buses & pizza shops. Gee, like every Jew hater in the world hasn't used THAT old saw, of questioning one's patriotism to their nation just because they're Jews. That's OK, though. Later today, I will upload a video to my YouTube channel of me dumping my ostomy bag on the Koran.