GhostOfCicero Wrote:
Dec 06, 2012 4:50 PM
Crude Babbles: "Here's what card-carrying Republicans have been instructed to parrot, "Eliminating the Bush tax rate cuts on the top 2% will raise about $80 billion per year. THAT’S IT." Hmmmmmm....let's see....gotta start paying for your trillion dollar social engineering project in Iraq sometime!" That war's over, and Iraq is now an Iranian puppet state, thanks to your "president." Oh, & at what point does any of this become your boy's fault? If it still ain't his doing after the first term, then when will it be? Or are you regressives so dead set on ensuring the "legacy" of the nation's first affirmative action "president" that y'all will polish ANY turd, no matter HOW large & stinky, to make him look good?