Nevirim Wrote:
Dec 06, 2012 11:50 AM
It is so interesting Robert when people begin to quote what the Bible says or does not say. Have you ever heard of Quoting in context a passage of scripture, to prove your point. There are 27 verses that deal directly with "the left hand" the term Left-handedness is not used within the context of scripture:Genesis_13:9 Gen_14:15 Gen_48:13 Gen_48:14 Leviticus_14:15 Lev_14:16 Lev_14:26 Lev_14:27 Joshua_19:27 Jdg_3:21 2Kings_23:8 1Chronicles_6:44 Nehemiah_8:4 Job_23:9 Proverbs_3:16 Song of Solomon_2:6 Son_8:3 Isaiah_9:20 Ezekiel_16:46 Eze_39:3 Daniel_12:7 Jonah_4:11 Matthew_6:3 Mat_25:41 Mark_10:37 Mar_10:40 Act_21:3 There is not one passage that identifies Left Handedness as an Abomination! So before you start