MyBestEffort Wrote:
Dec 06, 2012 8:30 AM
I live in Roswell GA. My neighbors, a Mexican family..2 boys 1 girl. The parents divorced, the girl got pregnant as a Jr, in HS, the son got his girlfriend pregnant. The mother does not (after living next door for 10 years) speak English. Nobody stayed in school. I have hired a really nice Cuban legal immigrant to clean my house. She is married & has a 17 year old daughter. He works at the Wine Store. I speak to her through google translate. Her daughter is pregnant, the father is 20 something.I drive to Canton GA once a week, lots of men waiting for day work, long lines of women with strollers lined up for hand outs from a truck that I have not investigated the who or what. Unfortunately education is not a priority. So sad.