scneocon Wrote:
Dec 05, 2012 9:47 PM
Yes it's too bad for those four dead Americans that "No boots were on the ground" in Libya. Chicago Jesus has pulled us out of Iraq & plans to get the hell out of Afghanistan & leave a giant power vacuum for Iran to fill & manipulate. Chicago Jesus is going to make you eat those words. His ineptitude & naivete will have us in over our heads in more conflicts than we're able to handle. Or maybe he'll just let the drones do all the dirty work. Indiscriminate murder is so much more "sanitary" from 40,000 feet & with no commitments. He's a real prince. BTW - Long Island & NJ really could use some "boots on the ground" but, like everything else 'Bammy focuses on with "laserlike" intensity, it's turned into a clusterf**ck.