jmg11 Wrote:
Dec 05, 2012 6:31 PM
Dear Robert1824, (1/2) Nobody persecutes you, and you ARE a well known homo”sex”ual troll. You are also a sad, sometimes comical, mental defective with subnormal character. But nobody persecutes you. Homo”sex”uals are treated decently in this country. You are an example. You come to Townhall and empty your diapers, people engage you and dismantle your infantile thought patterns (heavy on the screaming), you go back to mommy and get another diaper, then you go away for a time. Then you come back to Townhall and it all starts again. You are still a homo”sex”ual troll screaming for special rights and privileges. You DO recruit the young. There is widespread hostility to homo”sex”ual activity because it does so much harm. Specific harm?