jmg11 Wrote:
Dec 05, 2012 6:31 PM
(2/2) 1. It destroys the homo”sex”ual and his pitiful partner in abominable behavior. Not very loving, that. 2. It also harms whose who love the homo”sex”ual and would like to see him do better. This goes for family, friends (current and former). 3. It harms any society in which it is allowed to take root. It makes a joke of morality; your arguments for homo”sex”ual “marriage” are the current example, a steaming dungheap of idiocy with you standing on top crying out, “Look at me, I am a king of the homo”sex”ual hill, I am smart.” 4. Homo”sex”ual activity causes loss of productive people. 5. It costs billions in medical expenses (yes, Robert1824, even a doink like you is paying the bills for homo”sex”uality). No need to go further.