anitzberg Wrote:
Dec 05, 2012 6:27 PM
To Corbett_: please note; not all or even most Jewish people support the mess that is the ACLU ttoday. It has been hijacked and distorted by extreme left-wing people of which some of whom have a Jewish ancestry. Your psting, suggesting Jews are disloyal, atheist, anti-Christian, or destroyers of culture are in the best tradition of the KKK an similar persons and groups. To HermanBB: I agree that Jews have fluorished in the United States. However, a little history mitigated with discussion of true repentence is somewhat less than wallowing in victimhood. I took this as showing Grant to have been, aside from hios drinking, a man of good character. He did something venal (that order) when drunk and, rather than making excuses, made ame