M30 Wrote:
Dec 05, 2012 2:53 PM
His incompetence is only surpassed by his disdain for any normalcy in society. Jobs are created through a need that cannot be filled by a machine. People cost a lot of $. Machines need only be serviced by highly skilled traveling technicians. SOmeone needs to put in this media - "it is the fault of hardheaded Democrats that we are in this mess, not Republicans. The conservatives need to stop buying into 'well I guess it is partly our fault' It is NOT. Unions, socialist in congress, and other drooling losers caused most of our problenms. Lets be honest for once. Those pothead, drooling dropouts that now belong to unions, and are allowing themselves to be 'community organized' are the problem. Starve the parasites - let them perish.