helioquois Wrote:
Dec 05, 2012 11:40 AM
What a tool you are, Costas. The 2nd Amendment has zero to do with hunting. Apparently, you are convinced that you are a journalist and can make these comments so you can buttress your own self-regard as a burgeoning celebrity. Well, you are a celebrity, but now not one worth listening to because of your latest gaffe. Truth is that the gov't has nukes, aircraft carriers, jets and drones from which I can protect myself only with semi-automatic side arms, revolvers and rifles, plus SA and pump action shotties. As to the NRA=KKK, surely Mr. Whitlock, you jest. If you check the NRA for minorities, your race is well represented, and should be, considering the past history of the KKK and the quality of your fellow African-American neighbors.