americathebeautiful Wrote:
Dec 05, 2012 8:30 AM
You know Jason, I get it with real and viable debate; but, there is NO debate anymore with any liberal/marxist/communist of which "the hussein" and his followers are the ONLY members. They ONLY engage in Fraud and Corruption and we, as a nation, will pay dearly for that. There are many great and wonderful Prophets who have shared their wisdom, such as: "You will receive back in like measure" or "Karma" or "Cause and Effect" or "like for like" and on and on. Therefore, it is impossible for their 'Fraud and Corruption' to ever win the day. Oh they may have a few victories (very few) but in the big picture those who engage in such debauchery and perversions such as "the hussein" and XJ will always be LOSERS