garin Wrote:
Dec 05, 2012 7:39 AM
Factual-cmnts-BN, RINO's, Neo-Cons, Obama, Reid are all filth ! ws is right about the Big-Corporate-Oligarchy running everything, And they're the 1's who want Obama in there and the Tea Party out of their corrupt-criminal-thieving-way, so that they can keep getting away with their corrupt-criminal-$windling-thievery ! All of a sudden the lowly Fake-Conservative RINO-Neo-Con ME-Oil-war-mongering NWO-Corporate-Oligarchy-war-profiteer-serving G-Bush-2 appears on the scene, /news/politics-elections/2012/12/04/bush_calls_for_debating_immigration_reform_with_a_benevolent_spirit GB-2 is the RINO-Neo-Con-filth that destroyed the Republican Party for the pro-USC, States Rights, Tea Party Conservatives ! RNC -- RINO-Neo-Cons -- R-N-C ! ?-?-?