mbowen300 Wrote:
Dec 05, 2012 1:14 AM
my son was one they have hospitals that take and treat them with out cost no one is turned away .so it is a big lie that the child just dies for lack of money .my son is now 30 yrs old and the hospital is doing well .does that answer your question ? also 2 yrs later my oldest son got sick i took him to a local hospital .i had no INS.and no money he was there for 3 weeks .he is now 40 yrs old .he was in need and they took care of him they did not refuse to treat that is another big lie .i went to hospital last yr i was in surg;in 15 min it was 2 days in ICU befor i was even asked if i had INS . this time i did but i was treated first .so if you die in the street it is because you didn't go to the hospital .lies work if you repeat them