richard1088 Wrote:
Dec 04, 2012 9:07 PM
Seriously, the long term prospects for whites (i.e. Republicans) are slim to none. We're witnessing an I.Q. collapse with long range implications. The source? The third world invasion and basic demographics. The I.Q. gap between blacks and whites is 15 points. 25% of black males have an I.Q. of 72 or below. The ave. adult black male has the cognitive development of a 14 year old white teenager. Indigenous Mexicans have an I.Q. in the lower 80s. Hispanics (mestizos) have a gap of at least 10 points. The Germans, Chinese, Russians, and Japanese will devour the U.S. within a few decades. We're the Brazil of the 20th Century. Debased, dumb and doomed. And we did it to ourselves, starting with masonic-republican democracy.