George257 Wrote:
Dec 04, 2012 5:31 PM
Quality of life is notoriously difficult to measure, 4260. If it means simply money, the US would be first, (except perhaps for Switzerland or certain oli rich tax havens). If you include climate in the calculations, you would have to exclude all of N Europe. (And the N USA and Canada.) How much do you value having a bit of space around you? Have you seen how small houses are in the UK and Europe?The averaGE HOUSE IN THE uk WOULD FIT insde THE AVERAGE aMERICAN SITTING ROOM. The UK has horrible, sleazy ugly cities with very bad mannered people; how do you measure that? But our countryside and villages are among the most beautiful in the world. Australia and NZ look nice, are cheap to live in, but who knows if they'll still exist in 100 year