Cari.B Wrote:
Dec 04, 2012 1:15 PM
John, While you were watching Cokie being an idiot on ABC, I was watching David Gregory embarrass himself on NBC. David was a giddy schoolboy in short pants. He was so thrilled that he got Grover Norquist on MTP's panel, trying to cause a controversy for the Republicans. Really, really bad idea. David's first guest was Tim Geithner. So when David got to Norquist, Grover calmly and systematically took Obama and Geithner apart & David was stunned. (Note to David: Don't invite incredibly smart people on your show, they make you look even more stupid.) Then Maria Bartiromo & Norquist began agreeing that Obama's plan was no good so Jim Cramer became unglued. I thought Cramer was about to scream "caca dodo peepee" which was more David's level.