Nevirim Wrote:
Dec 04, 2012 8:42 AM
what I forbade you to eat? The nudity was the removal of Adam's true covering the presence of God resting on him, by Adam and Eve's lame attempt to cover it up. The animals that God killed and used their skins was the first application of Kaphar i.e. Atonement. So the covering as Dennis put it has nothing to do with "elevating us above the statue of animals." Believe me when I say this: "An A$$ knows who His God is rather than mankind," Numbers 22:23-ff. If his evaluation about Holy and Profane and his application was close the issue is "What are we clothed in" Sin or God? If anything what man "flaunts" by his public display is his rejection that he is living in a "fallen state" and calling his display acceptable.