Nevirim Wrote:
Dec 04, 2012 8:17 AM
If "nudity" as a whole was the problem then god would have clothed the animals differently, of this was really true, however it is not. The nudity of Adam and Eve, and for that matter mankind was the separation of the fellowship they had with God and His nature which had to do with his "Glory." What man had before the fall was the "covering of the Glory of God" just as Moshe "glowed" and his face shined Exodus 34:29,30,33. The Kavod, the Glory of God shown from Moshe' Face and in verse 33 he veiled it. It was this glory that man was clothed in not that his body was naked. When man sinned, and at the moment this happened this "covering" was removed. God makes the point when he rebukes Adam's attempt to "cover-up" by pointing out "Did you eat