rollzone Wrote:
Dec 03, 2012 9:22 PM
hello. i am disabled. i worked a career as a truck driver. after my wreck, i am crippled for life. i can drive again now. it has been 4 years. i can wear a brace. if i take the medication, i can't legally drive. plus i have a reputation for totaling trucks, so whom will insure me? i was screwed by my former employer, and had no workman's comp. i had no medical insurance, so my credit still sucks. i can not buy my own truck. i get qualified for disability every year. it is not automatic. this $1100/month is nothing more than surviving during today's money devaluation. the way people are looking at this, i have to think there are millions of peoples gaming the system, and living like kings for it. i am always desperate to get out of it.