Melanie45 Wrote:
Dec 03, 2012 3:39 PM
Amen! My former brother-in-law now receives $1100 a month (plus he got lots in backpay) for a non-work-related knee injury he received while on active duty 20 years ago. After being out of the service for over 15 years and serving as a police officer and avid triathalon participant, he went to work for the federal government at a Marine Corps base. Other vets encouraged him to get checked out for disability, which he did. He is currently also on "worker's comp" for a hip surgery necessitated from carrying his gun on his hip all these years. He hasn't worked his federal job since July, but has been managing a bike shop on the side. I guess it's easier to follow your dreams, while you are drawing full salary at the taxpayer expense.