Topeka Wrote:
Dec 03, 2012 11:41 AM
And they want to lead others into their angry pit. They want others to suffer the pitfalls and privations of their sins. And they want us to pick up the tab for the consequences. And I don't just mean abortions: We pay for the Spread of Diseases, the Crimes of the Hopeless, the Fool's Foreign Policy, the Envy-based Class Warfare, the Anger of the Fatherless, the Resentment of the Welfare Queen's and the Abuse of their Tow-Babies, the Bail-out Buffoons the Paper Currency the Rudderless Rubric's the Alphabet Temples of the State god the Ignorance of the Uneducated, the Hatred of the Illegal Migrants, the Vandalism of the Unionists, the Exploitation of the Public Purse NEC, the Joblessness, the Faithless, Hatred of our Neighbors.