Raymond90 Wrote:
Dec 03, 2012 10:27 AM
Obama has been aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood's goal of seizing control of the Middle East since, at least, the big, fat Arab Spring lie. Obama touts the Arab Spring as a revolutionary awakening to demand freedom and democracy... LIAR !! The Arab Spring is just a cover for the MB to destabilize the govts, topple the leaders, then sweep into the vacuum, and takeover, i.e. Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, soon Syria and Jordan. Obama has used U.S. influence, billions of tax dollars, and, in some cases, our military to support the Muslim Brotherhood's efforts, led by Mohammed Morsi. Obama even brokered the resignation of Egypt's long-time president Maborak, then backed Mohammed Morsi's "election" to as the new prez.