mary433 Wrote:
Dec 03, 2012 10:07 AM
The problem starts with the granting of citizenship to the illegal aliens ala amnesty, THEN they all argue for family unity, and the Dems. are a BIG pusher of this, this is one of the reasons why the hispanics mostly from south of our borders are such a HUGE voting block now. So start out illegal, then you get to bring in the rest of your family legally got it, this is WHY they Dems are promising the illegal aliens here now between 10 to 30 Million a pathway to citizenship, they are working on it right now. Check it out at numbersusa dot com, you ain't seen nothing yet, we will be Mexico el norte in no time! YOU can send free faxes at numbersusa, and SEE what congress is working on right now, don't be surprised, another HUGE amnesty.