joanne206 Wrote:
Dec 03, 2012 7:25 AM
oboy, wake up. My husband and I were born during the depression. Both from broken homes, know what it is like to go hungry and dress like a hobo. My husband was brought up in an orphanage, I was brought up on the street. We have now been married 58 yrs. We struggled for many many years, had five kids, no movies, dances,ball games or TV, just kept our nose tothe grind stone. Started a business with a borrowed 500.00 and more struggle but in the end we achieved more than we ever thought we would. Retired early as the government had started sticking its nose in our lives. One example, we paid twice monthly. If an employee wanted time off but did not want to use sick days, personal time, or be docked they could make up time later.